Hello Gorgeous,

Welcome to ARTINK, a dedicated online gallery, exhibiting paintings primarily by South and South East Asian artists. ARTINK is a newly established brand, under SK Marketing & Enterprise, a company registered since 2007 in Singapore.

The art works displayed are of an array of visual genres including architecture, landscape & scenery, handmade prints, realist, impressionist and abstract.

As you view, savor, enjoy or choose to invest in paintings at ARTINK, think about elements such as; how does your eye evaluates the colors and textures and how you feel about the painting in order to make the most of your art experience.

The fundamental element of any sort of art is to provoke, which you must first take into consideration. Contemplate the particularly interesting components of the artwork, as well as those that allow your eye to rest. Follow the expression carved into the brush strokes, as well as how the subject matter relates to its surroundings in the artwork. Be sure to note what distinctly drew you to this painting.

Being an online gallery, ARTINK enjoys almost no overhead operating costs, and thus is able to offer contemporary art by upcoming and established artists at affordable prices. We also provide a dedicated level of consultancy and help our customers to invest in the most suitable art work from our collection.

Whether you have a keen interest in art, are an experienced art collector, would like to explore a new genre or are just looking for an artwork to augment a room or a corporate environment, ARTINK will be able to accommodate your needs.

Feel free contact us anytime for any inquiries or comments at saira@artink.asia

Stay tuned to ARTINK, your preferred art space.

Thank you


Saira Kanchwala