Born in Pulau Sayak, Kota Kuala Muda, Kedah, 1945

"The journey of life is within each and every one of us..."

Rural scenes and nature has remained the main theme in Abdul Ghani Ahmed's landscape watercolors for this style is popular in Malaysia.

Ghani, who started being active in landscape watercolors around 1986, defines his paintings as a documentation of the local heritage. For him, painting is among the best ways to preserve our traditions and heritage for future generations.

According to Ghani, besides passing on traditions and heritage, artists should also strive towards the development of art with experimenting new methods. This principle is the reason behind Ghani's efforts to paint landscapes from an interesting variety of angles. For him, a new approach should be at once interesting, seductive and intriguing. This requires a special emphasis on technique combined with a creative approach.

Although Ghani never received any form of formal art training, his hard work and patience have borne their fruits. Ghani's understanding of formalistic elements in paintings is obvious and cannot be denied.

Ghani is a member of various artists associations such as Asian Water Color Confederation, Organization of Cat Air Malaysia, Persatuan Pelukis Malaysia, Angkatan Pelukis Malaysia and Angkatan Pelukis Kedah.

Year Solo - Exhibition
1991 'Solo Exhibition' at Creative Art Centre, National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
1992 '2nd Solo exhibition' at Bankers Club, Amoda Building, Kuala Lumpur
1995 Solo Exhibition at Langkawi Island, Kedah, Malaysia

Year International - Exhibition
1989 Contemporary '89', Orchard Point, Singapore
Exhibition Hall, Orchard Road, Singapore
"Search for Singapore Dress" Design competition, NTUC, Singapore (2nd)
Malaysian Watercolor '89 at Thailand Culture
1990 5th Asia International Exhibition of Watercolor '90, Tianjin, China
Asian Watercolor '90, Higher Block, City Hall, Hong Kong
1992 Asian Watercolor '92, Taiwan
1993 'PPM-TRIB '93, Hanoi
Malaysian Art exhibition, Belgium
Asian Watercolor '93, Bali and Jakarta
1995 Asian Watercolor '95, Bangkok, Thailand

Year National - Exhibition
1995 PPM-Petronas Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
1994 UIA, Kuala Lumpur
'Isu Bosnia', Petronas Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
'Tenaga Sumber Ilham', Petronas Art Gallery, KL
Ekspresi APK '94, Petronas, KL
'Suara Kemanusiaan' Balai Budaya Dewan Bahasa, KL
Malaysia Watercolour '94, PETRONAS Art Gallery, KL
Three Men Show '94, City Square, KL
Asian Watercolor '94, KL
1993 'Imbauan Gunung Ledang PPM', Maybank Gallery, KL
Exhibition of Bosnia, Shah Alam Art Gallery, Selangor
Watercolor Show '93, Maybank Art Gallery, KL
PPM and Vietnam Artist Exhibition, Putra World Trade Centre, KL
Vision Three Artist Exhibition, Putra World Trade Centre, KL
MWO-1st Exhibition, Petronas Gallery, KL
APS open, APS Art Gallery, KL
1992 MWS-Annual Watercolour, Maybank Art, KL
Open Exhibition, National Art Gallery, KL
PPM-Collection '92, Petronas Art Gallery, KL
APS- open and 10 selection Artist, APS Art Gallery, KL
1991 Open Exhibition, National Art Gallery, KL
Commerative Art Exhibition, Selangor Art Gallery, KL
1990 Open Gallery, National Art Gallery, KL
Malaysia scene, Komtar, Johore Bahru
Malaysia Scene, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Malaysia Scene, Kuantan, Pahang
Malaysia Scene, State Art Gallery, Kota Bahru, Kelantan
Malaysia Scene, Ipoh, Perak
Malaysia Scene, National Art Gallery, KL
APS-open and family day at Tun Daim Zainuddin Residence, 'Hidayat', Klang Gate, KL
Lukisan '90, Alor Setar, Kedah
Watercolor '90 beautiful Malaysia, Malayan Banking Art Gallery, KL
1989 Open Exhibition, National Art Gallery, KL
Art Gallery Annual Exhibition, Penang Art Gallery
Ilusi '89, Alor Setar At Gallery, Kedah
'Malaysia Scene' Art Gallery competition, Hilton Hotel, Petaling Jaya (2nd)
Malaysia Fest '89, APS Gallery, KL
'Wan Gallery' Equatorial Hotel, KL
'Malaysia on Papers', Art Gallery, Maybank Building, KL
1988 Open Exhibition, National Art Gallery, KL
'Hiroshima' (06/08/45) City Hall, KL
Alor setar Art Gallery, Kedah
'Asian Watercolor '88, KL
APS 1998, APS Gallery, KL
1987 'Merdeka' (Independence), National Art Gallery, KL
'Kuala Lumpur- Kuala Lumpur', City Hall, KL
'30 years of Independence', National Art Gallery, KL
'Colorful '87', Alor Setar Art Gallery, Kedah
'Pesta '87', Seri Pinang Hall, Penang
1986 Open exhibition, National Art Gallery, KL
'Master of Peace', Onn Tai Gallery, KL
1985 Open Exhibition, National Art Gallery, KL
'Cipta Seni 85', UKM, Bangi
'Self-taught Artist', Capital Insurance Building
Kuala Lumpur exhibition on 'Endau- Rompin', City Hall, KL
'Seni Lukis 85', Alor Setar Art Gallery, Kedah
Exhibition during opening ceremony of APSGallery, KL
1984 Open Exhibition, National Art Gallery, KL
APS, Portrait exhibition gallery 231, Selangor Pewter, KL
APS Watercolor exhibition at City Hall, KL
1982 Group Exhibition, University Kebangsaan
Group Exhibition at the Teacher's College, Lembah Pantai, KL
'Warisan', Hotel Equatorial, KL
1981 Anniversary Exhibition of APS Hotel Equatorial, KL
'Mustika Malaysia', Genting Highland
1980 'Aid Palestin Refugees', Wisma Loke, KL
'Our Environment', KL
1979 Exhibition at the French Embassy, KL
1978 Exhibition on Malacca's Culture.