Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1946

"...not only an extraordinary artist, but also a man who has had an extraordinary life..."

Arthur P.Y ting was born to poverty-stricken parents. He began his artistic career "fleshing out" the shapes of fish, dragon etc. from the outlines drawn on Chinese lanterns. Then, his parents sell these lanterns during the annual Mooncake Festival. When he was only 12, having had no proper training, yet feeling a deep inner desire to create a work of art all on his own, Arthur spent a month executing a brush painting of a Chinese palace. It was an imaginary "dream palace" of his.

With his father's encouragement, he continued to paint and by the age of 14 had completed a 30 foot long painting of a Malay Village (Kampong). At 17, with just 50 Ringgit in his pocket, he left home to pursue formal studies at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore. After 3 years there, he felt his artistic knowledge was still incomplete. With the proceeds from the sale of an oil-painting, Arthur bought a one-way ticket to London.

Arthur arrived in London, not being able to speak English, having no friends or family to turn to, possessing no overcoat to keep warm in winter and having only 100 pounds. Despite great hardships, Arthur managed to pursue an interior design course in London Polytechnic in Southbanks in the next four years. His perseverance and great talent earned him distinctions as well as job offers upon graduation. Even so, he had to refuse to return home and aid his aging parents.

For 12 years, Arthur set aside his artistic yearnings and put his training to practical use. He had a successful interior company of his own. In 1984, with his wife's encouragement and support, Arthur decided to devote his time back to his art. The technical expertise that he earned in his years as an interior decorator helped him in the creation of his unique sculptures, fabricated from nails and bits of metal. When no gallery would display his "Metsculp", he arranged to hold an exhibition at a trade fair.

Since then, Arthur has won a number of awards, including the Australian Art Award in 1985. He is a successful multi-faceted artist. His work includes oil and brush paintings, his "Metsculp" creations as well as 3-D representations of Peranakan architectural features.