Born in Modrica, Bosnia, 1939

"I was looking for freedom. All I found was a new master. Art..."

Kemal studied at Belgrade School of Fine Arts. Kemal brings forth in his paintings a mix of his visions of inner self and inspirations from poetry and the real world. He has his own unique style when portraying landscapes. He is also an engraver.

Kemal, along with his wife, fellow artist, Biserka Gall had together helped victims of the war. They started a group to raise funds for the refugees named Arts and Culture of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovinians. They also raised funds by art auctions. Upon realizing that the truth was being distorted by Serbians in order to rewrite Balkan history, Kemal embarked on a mission of providing research materials supporting the truth through the proper channels. In truth, he believes that his life's work is not in his Art but his efforts in preserving the truth.

Kemal's work can be found in major cities around the world, including Paris Pompidou Centre. His permanent collections would be in Ljubljana - City Art Collection, Belgrade, Sarajevo - Museum of Modern Art, Vienna - Europahaus Collection, Paris - National Library, Beaubourg Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Lausanne - National Library, Bradford City - City Art Collection and Oslo - Danielsen Gallery. Some of Kemal's exhibitions are listed below.

Year Awards
1960 Belgrade Academy of Fine Arts (1st Prize)
1962 Belgrade Academy of Fine Arts (1st Prize)
University of Belgrade ("Fourth of April" prize)
1964 City of Banjaluka (Veselin Maslesa prize)
1965 ULUS prize in Belgrade
1966 Banjaluka Salon (1st prize)
1967 Sarajevo Museum of Modern Art prize
Vienna ("Europaphaus" prize)
1968 Belgrade ("Golden Burin" prize)
1975 Givet ("Emile de Coninck" prize)
Paris ("Beecham-sevigne" prize)
Subotica Triennial of engravings (1st prize)
1977 Paris ("Victor Choquet" prize with citation)
1979 Belgrade ("Mladinska knjiga" prize)

Year Exhibition
1957, 1962, 1967, 1973 and 1978 Banjaluka
1967 and 1971 Modrica
1965, 1969, 1975 and 1979 Belgrade
1980 Centre Francais des arts Graphiques
1977 La chaux de fonds, Swizerland
1983 Nordstrand
1984 Kunst Invest Gall, Oslo