Born in Paris, France, 1953

"He dives deeply in the darkness to bring out gleaming and thrilling visions..."

Laurent Schkolnyk once practiced medicine in addition to working in the arts. During his studies of forensics, he discovered his talent for drawing and began his formal study of drawing and etching at the Beaux Art School in Nantes. As a freelance student of Professor Guimezanes, he learnt the art of mezzotint and adopted it as his personal medium of artistic expression. Shortly, he abandoned the medical profession for his career in art.

Schkolnyk explains that his prints are directly related to his feelings. He also fees very close to music, particularly jazz and classical music. When he works on a subject, he often tries to find a piece of music that corresponds to what he feels, and works with that music as he creates.

Laurent began showing in 1978. In 1982, the French Bibliotheque Nationale purchased several of his works for their permanent print collection. He has his own gallery in Nantes, where he shows both his own work and that of other artists. Schkolnyk works in black and white, and with three-plate color prints to create his fanciful still-life prints. His works capture both the spontaneous moment and a world which hands outside of time. His work has been shown in France, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Thailand, and the United States.

Claude Bouret, the curator of the prints for the National Library of Paris wrote of Schkolnyk, "The mezzotint engraver hunts for shadows. He dives deeply in the darkness to bring out gleaming and thrilling visions. With his rocker, Laurent Schkolynk obstinately carves the copper for hours and hours, creating with his own hands this velvet dark, this original night which contains all the potential hues."

Year Solo - Exhibition
1985 Gallery K., Lyon
Gallery de L'Hotel, Montfleury, Cannes
Robert Jackson Fine Art, San Francisco
1986 Gallery Bernier, Paris
Gallery Bancho, Tokyo
Robert Jackson Fine Art, San Francisco
1987 Gallery Bourlaouen, Nantes
1998 Gallery Petites Formes, Osaka
Gallery Athena, Saint Brieux
1989 Gallery Petites Formes, Osaka
1991 Gallery Breheret, Paris
1992 Gallery Petites Formes, Osaka
1993 Gallery Sanbi, Tokyo
Gallery Fine Impressions, Seattle
Gallery Joyce Williams, Vancouver
Gallery Van Straaten, Chicago
1994 Gallery Petites Formes, Osaka
Gallery Borelly Edwards, Pittsburg
Gallery Stone and Press, New Orleans
Gallery Breheret, Paris
1995 Gallery Rolly Michaux, Boston
Gallery Neville Sargent, Libertyville
Gallery Gerhard Wurser, Houston
Gallery Sanbi, Tokyo
1997 Gallery Petites Formes, Osaka
Gallery Bunkamura, Tokyo
Jean Art Center, Seoul
1998 Art Case Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
Tregoning Gallery, Cleveland
Ocean Gallery, Bangkok
1999 Lucia Douglas Gallery, Bellingham

Year Group - Exhibition
1978 Gallery Galien Vie, Nantes
Gallery Jade, Colmar
1982 Gallery Art Contemporain
Atelier Taze, Paris
1983 International Ex Libris Centrum, Sint Niklass
1985 Grand Palais, La Jeune Gravure Contemporaine, Paris
Musee du Dessine et de L'estample, Gravelines
Salon International de L'Ambassade de France, New York
1988 Gallery Michael, Beverly Hills
1991 Gallery Breheret, Small Formats, Paris
1995 Musee de L'imprimerie, Nantes
1996 Museum of Arts, New Orleans
2002 Beyond the Apple & Bottle: Still Life Invitational, Valley House Gallery, Dallas, Texas
2003 Works on Paper, art fair, The Park Avenue Armory, New York, New York (Valley House Gallery)
McNay Art Fair, McNay Museum of Art, San Antonio, Texas (Valley House Gallery)