The concentration of my portfolio is a focus on architecture as it influences people and how people influence architecture. Using media, setting and composition, the artwork communicates how this interaction takes place. As diverse as architecture is, so are the interactions that occur. The presence of figures is not necessarily explicit, but may also be present in the form of something that was once there or merely implied - an imprint.

The first artwork in my concentration (1), is a depiction of the antediluvian monument, the Coliseum in Rome, in a style reminiscent of futurism. It fuses style, technique and subject matter without losing the focus of my concentration. This work doesn't directly depict human figures; the presence of humanity is represented as an impression in the Latin characters and the deterioration in the structural components.

My artworks push the idea of claustrophobic spaces in 3 and 4, but still employ varied media and subject matter. In work 5, I return to the notion of using an impression rather than a figure. Rather, I used Druidical symbols in the illustration of Stonehenge. In contrast to my previous works, I physically incorporate texture and begin the use of more expressive and unconstrained media, oil pastels and acrylics.

I repeat the idea of contrast by juxtaposing the media and style, from oil pastel, acrylics and impressionism to pop-art and lino-print. My artworks then carry-on to incorporate distortion on a variety of levels; beginning with stained glass (10), proceeding with a reflection (11), and concluding with cubism (12), an echo from the initial work.

My portfolio and concentration notably evolve throughout my work but continue to relate to the core idea of architecture, history, and humankind.