Born in Muradabad, India, 1950

Mashkoor Raza has traversed a long distance since he graduated from the Karachi School of Arts in 1972, standing first in his class, achieving a Diploma in Fine Art. Over the years, he has gained different experiences, not just in fine commercial art but also in the field of teaching art.

After his graduation, Mashkoor worked for a number of textile printing mills, helping them to design prints. That did not last too long for he was beckoned by his greater passion - painting. The limitations, with regards to colours of the printing machine, were not satisfactory to Mashkoor

Given his experience as a commercial artist, Mashkoor moved on to a new phase of his career as a painter. This part of his professional life proved to be rewarding, in that it brought a fair measure of success and established him as a name to reckon within the art circles. His style was different and bore a stamp of originality. It was completely abstract sans figures and forms. His composition revolved around arrangements of squares and cubes in light pastels lifted by bits of bright patches. As this style was well received, Mashkoor stayed with this style for a very long time.

Eventually, Mashkoor moved on to a figurative theme, away from the purely abstract preoccupation. Under this new style, he pursued images of nudes and horses. He worked on these two subjects separately before merging them together with a creative compositions of women with horses. Oil and acrylic became his preferred medium.

By 1997, there was a new breakthrough in Mashkoor's career, Calligraphy. He gave a new life to conventional calligraphy that was often pursued mostly based on realistic impressions.

Mashkoor figured prominently in the art world of Pakistan not only because he is one of the most prolific artists but also because he has achieved that rare distinction of developing an original work style. He also runs an art school that has turned into a full-fledge art institute.

Mashkoor remains, to date, very modest about his achievements in the art arena in Pakistan and hopes to make a greater difference with his school and to the art society, locally or internationally.

Year Exhibition
1973 Group Show in Karachi
1974 Two artist Show at Pakistan Art Council Karachi
1975 Group show with Karachi Artist
Solo Show at Karachi University, Karachi
1976 Solo Show at Pakistan Art Council Karachi
Artist from Sind, group show
1977 Portrait of Iqbal
1978 Solo Show at Pakistan Art Council Karachi
1980 Solo Show at Indus Gallery, Karachi
1981 National Exhibition by Idara Saqafat-e-Pakistan, Islamabad
1982 Solo Show at Pakistan Arts Council Karachi
Solo Show at Idara Saqafat-e-Pakistan, Islamabad
Paintings from Pakistan, USA
1983 Solo Show at Gallery II, Karachi
Group show in Japan through Idara Saqafat e-Pakistan
1984 Solo Show at Gallery Chawkandi, Karachi.
1985 Solo Show, Indus Gallery Karachi.
2nd Prize, National Exhibition by Idara Saqafat-e-Pakistan
1986 Solo Show, Idara Saqafat-e-Pakistan
1987 Solo Show at Sheraton Art Gallery
1988 Solo Show at Gallery Chawkandi, Karachi
Solo Show at Pearl Continental Art Gallery
4th Asian Art Biennale, Bangladesh
1989 Solo Show at Gallery Chawkandi, Karachi
1991 Solo Show at Gallery Chawkandi, Karachi.
1992 Solo Show at Art, Gallery, Islamabad
1993 Solo Show at Clifton Art Gallery, Karachi
1994 Solo Show at Indus Art Gallery.
1995 Solo Show at Artwala Gallery, Karachi.
1996 Solo Show at Clifton Art Gallery, Karachi
Solo Show at Artwala Gallery
Group show at Mon Art Gallery
1997 Solo Show at Clifton Art Gallery
20th Virsa Gallery, Islamabad
Pakistan Artists, London
Solo Show at Momart Gallery
Group show at Izmir
Group show at Malaysia
Group show at Pakistan art Council
2005 Pakistan National Day ceremony, Washington DC
Solo Exhibition, Islamabad